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College of Graduate Studies


Part-Time Program - Students complete the program in two years on a part time basis, beginning each fall. Individuals admitted to this program complete a 38 academic credit hour master's program which is composed of classroom lectures and seminars. 

Fall Semester

MCR 700-01   Clinical Biostatistics: 3 semester hour

MCR 736-01   Clinical Epidemiology: 3 semester hours

MCR 750-01   Ethical Issues in Clinical Research: 1semester hour

MCR 789-13   Contemporary Topic Seminar: 1 semester hour

Spring Semester

MCR 724-01     Introduction to Clinical Trials: 3 semester hours

MCR 746-01     Informatics and Data Mangement: 2 semester hours

MCR 752-01     Team Science in Clinical Research: 1 semester hour

MCR 789-03     Regression Analysis for Clinical Research: 2 semester hours

Summer Semester

MCR 731-01      Critical Review of the Literature: 2 semester hours

MCR 789-04      Community Engagement Research: 1 semester hour

MCR 789-07      Industry/Regulatory: 2 semester hours

MCR 789-32      Leadership: 2 semester hour

MCR 970-          Student Research: 1 semester hour

Fall Semester

MCR 725-01      Grants Development for Clinical Research: 2 semester hours

MCR 732-01      Comparative Effectiveness Research: 3 semester hours

MCR 789-08      Core Clinical Research Training: 1 semester hour    

MCR 970-          Research: 2 semester hours

Spring Semester

MCR 970 -          Student Research: 5 semester hours

MCR 789-02       Clinical Education 1 semester hour

Full-Time Program Curriculum 


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