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College of Graduate Studies

Full Time Curriculum

The program is designed for students who are currently pursuing doctoral degrees in the six colleges (Medicine, Dental Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Graduate Studies and Health Professions) as well as international applicants. Students complete the program in one year on a full time basis.

Fall Semester

MCR 700-01         Clinical Biostatistics: 3 semester hours

MCR 789/970       Special Topics (ST) or Mentored Research: 1semester hour

MCR 731-01         Critical Review of the Literature: 2 semester hours

MCR 736-01         Clinical Epidemiology: 3 semester hours

MCR 750-01         Ethical Issues in Clinical Research: 1semester hour

MCR 789-13         ST: Contemporary Topic Seminar: 1 semester hour

MCR 970-             Mentored Research: 2 semester hours


Spring Semester

MCR 724-01         Introduction to Clinical Trials: 3 semester hours

MCR 732-01         Comparative Effectiveness Research: 3 semester hours

MCR 746-01         Informatics and Data Mangement for Clinical Research: 2 semester hours

MCR 752-01         Team Science in Clinical Research: 1 semester hour

MCR 789-03         ST: Regression Analysis for Clinical Research: 2 semester hours

MCR 789-20         ST: Introduction to Grant Writing for Clinical and Translational Research: 1 semester hour

MCR 970               Mentored Research: 3 semester hours


Summer Semester

MCR 738-01         Clinical Research Introductions: 1 semester hour

MCR 789-04         ST: Community Engagement Research: 1 semester hour

MCR 789-07         ST: Industry/Regulatory: 2 semester hours

MCR 789-08         ST: Core Clinical Research Training: 1 semester hour 

MCR 789-32         ST: Leadership: 2 semester hours

MCR 970-             Mentored Research: 3 semester hours


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