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Budget Impact: How does this affect me?

We’ve all heard the phrase, "tough times call for tough decisions." And we all know that during such times, not only can things get tough, but it can be hard to understand how you and your family are affected by decisions made by the leadership of your work place.

MUSC administration has worked diligently to minimize the impact of three successive cuts to our already low amount of state funding. While we must decide and implement hard decisions, including furloughs and lay-offs, those decisions are not made without heavy hearts and minds. We’re reaching out to those directly affected by furloughs and lay-offs with services and resources to help them navigate these changes, and realize it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to make this time of transition easier for those people. Their sacrifices are not in vain; it is in their honor and the integrity of MUSC that motivate us all to continue our excellent research funding trajectory, high-quality patient care, and the top-notch education of one of this state’s most valuable resources… the doctors, nurses, dentists, scientists, pharmacists, therapists, health administrators and many other health professionals of tomorrow.

MUSC’s structure and how different areas have been affected by changes may seem complex, so in the following paragraphs, we’ve outlined how different groups on campus are affected by the MUSC Budget Impact Plan of 2008.

Support and non-clinical/non-research staff

As of Nov. 24, the 1,200 support staff of the University has been mandated to take a four-day furlough between January and June of 2009. What this means is that monthly-paid employees are required to take one day of unpaid leave per month for four months. Hourly-paid employees will have a uniform amount deducted from their pay in order to reduce the impact on their individual financial situations. In addition, employees will be permitted to take the leave as negotiated with their supervisors in the case of particular circumstances. A handful of positions, most of which were temporary, were eliminated due to their complete dependence on state funds. In addition, 80 vacant positions will not be filled until further notice. All affected staff have been notified. If you have questions about the furlough process, please see our frequently asked questions regarding furloughs. Additional information regarding support for affected employees can be found in our Tips and strategies section of the budget website or in the resources section.

University Faculty

The furloughs mandated for support employees and the elimination of a handful of positions in the university support structure has enabled the university to preserve all faculty positions. Already more than 300 employees, including many faculty members, have stepped forward to express their desire to take voluntary furloughs or pay cuts to support the future of the institution. Your generosity and continued attention to best financial practices are greatly appreciated. Faculty are encouraged to contact their department chairperson or college dean for information regarding specifics of changes for individuals’ areas. If you feel particularly strongly about the level of funding appropriated to MUSC by the South Carolina General Assembly, please visit our what you can do to help section of this website.


The university is not implementing a mid-year tuition increase, nor have any faculty positions been lost due to state funding cuts. MUSC faculty and staff are continuing to work hard for the strength and relevance of your health education, whether you are studying to become a physician, a pharmacist, nurse, or other health professional. You are encouraged to contact your college dean’s office with inquiries, questions or concerns regarding state budget cuts. If you feel particularly strongly about the level of funding appropriated to MUSC by the South Carolina General Assembly, please visit our what you can do to help section of this website.

Fellows, Residents and International colleagues

Because of the diversity amongst this group, individuals are encouraged to contact their immediate supervisor with questions regarding how the budget cuts do or do not affect them.