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Updated December 15, 2010

Dear Colleagues:

In the letter that I sent to you a few weeks ago, I mentioned the many accomplishments that are occurring on campus and beyond.  Once again, I want to thank you for the hard work and dedication that is making these achievements possible.   While you know about these success stories, as I travel around the state, it is clear that many of our fellow South Carolinians have limited knowledge about the great things that are happening here.  We have such a great story to tell and we need to do a better job of telling it.

As a start to increasing our visibility, we are launching a statewide communications campaign.   Our message will be about you, because it is your work that is changing what’s possible for the health of our patients with excellent care, research and education. It may seem immodest for us to boast about your successes, but people deserve to know the amazing things that you are accomplishing here every day.

The central idea that we will communicate is that as an academic medical center, MUSC offers benefits to the residents of South Carolina and beyond. We are recruiting leaders in health care research, education and clinical care.  As we grow, we are enhancing patient access to world-class care here on campus and throughout the state via outreach and telemedicine initiatives.   We are achieving better outcomes because of our focus on patient-centered care emphasizing quality and effectiveness. In addition, we continue to expand our economic impact, especially as we develop the biomedical cluster of businesses in the state.

Initially, we will feature three specific areas (Heart and Vascular Center, Hollings Cancer Center, and Neurosciences) because they represent a high proportion of the patients who we serve. As the state’s only academic medical center, we have a responsibility to address these prevalent conditions. Patients with these diseases need to know we can provide innovative and cutting- edge care right here, and right now. If successful, we will grow these services and bring more resources to the institution.  In other words, we can care for more patients, improve the health of our state, and improve the resources of the University, but only if the public understands the great strengths that we offer.

 In the days ahead, the Business Development and Marketing Services Department will periodically film “how are you changing what’s possible” videos throughout campus.  In addition, we want to see your creativity – make your own video and tell us about what you are doing.  You can submit your contribution to  If your video is selected, we will make it available online as part of the promotional effort. To preview the campaign today, check The Catalyst for viewing times and places, or go to

The Medical University is an amazing place to work, where lives are transformed every day. Our hope is that very soon every South Carolinian will know what we are doing to create a healthier and more prosperous state.  In the meantime, let’s work together to spread the message of all the good work that you are doing.

With best wishes,

Ray Greenberg, MD, PhD
MUSC President