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Dr. Timothy Givens
Dr. Timothy G. Givens

Pediatric Emergency Department Sees Record Growth in Patient Numbers 

Since opening in late November, 2008, the Pediatric Emergency Department at the Children's Hospital at MUSC has seen unprecedented growth.  In this most recent month of March, 2009, we saw a new monthly volume record 2,131 patients.  Our annual volume, which as late as 2004 was approximately 13,000 patients, now sits at 20,789 patients for the past 12 months, a greater than 50% increase.  Despite this tremendous growth, our staff has consistently provided excellent and timely care.  Our patient satisfaction scores are among the highest in the MUSC organization;  lengths of stay for patients we do not admit to the hospital remain low and have not increased over the past two to three years.  Admissions to Children's Hospital that are processed through the Pediatric ED, formerly around 10%, are now in the 35% range.  We now manage all level II pediatric trauma patients in the pediatric ED and hope to soon add all level I pediatric trauma patients as well.  We are a one-stop, full-service center for the care of acutely ill and injured children.

In addition, our Pediatric Emergency Medicine faculty and staff have continued to achieve on academic fronts as well.  We were recently approved by the ACGME to begin a Fellowship Training Program in Pediatric Emergency Medicine--one of less than 60 sanctioned programs nationwide.   Our teaching rotation is one of the highest-rated among medical students and residents alike.  And over the past three years, our productive faculty have published over 30 original articles in the medical literature and have a number of other projects underway. Pediatric Emergency Medicine is thriving at MUSC, and we look forward to continued growth and excellent service in the future!

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