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Sarah King, DHA
Director, Public Relations

MUSC is an extraordinary institution where each and every day, miracles, both big and small occur. MUSC is a place where patients come to be healed; where the mysteries of medical science wait to be discovered; where vital knowledge is imparted; where compassion is exhibited - not only at the bedside, but in the hallways, classrooms, and laboratories throughout the campus.

The mission of the Office of Public Relations is to share these MUSC accomplishments with the world. Through internal and external communications, we build awareness of MUSC's world renowned programs and stellar achievements in the areas of research, clinical care, and first-rate educational opportunities. Through an unwavering commitment to fulfilling its mission, MUSC educates some of the nation's finest health care providers and researchers who, with skill and dedication, work tirelessly to save lives and deliver breakthroughs to life's most pressing medical mysteries. It is PR's job to tell those stories.

I received a BA degree from the University of Georgia, a BS degree from the College of Charleston, a degree in Public Service from Trident, and my Doctorate in Healthcare Administration and Policy from the Medical University of South Carolina.

I joined the MUSC department of Public Relations in 1994. Prior to entering the healthcare world, I was vice president of In-flight Services for a major airline. Subsequently, I worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Professional Video Services, (PVS) in Washington DC as a news producer. I spent twenty-five years working on child abuse issues. As president of the Mothers Alliance for the Rights of Children (MARC) I educated the public with essential information, contributed to the successful passing of many federal and statewide child protective bills, and lobbied legislators to bring awareness to the devastation of child abuse. I am also a founding member of the Kozamenska Breast Cancer Awareness Team that brought new therapies, training, and medical equipment to Poland.

In addition to many papers on community protection of abuse victims, I have authored numerous publications on media training and public relations best practices. I have taught Medical Ethics and Communications for five years and serve on many community boards.

Sarah King, DHA