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Dr. Peter Kalivas
Dr. Peter Kalivas

Making waves in brain study

synergyMelding researchers, investigators, and clinicians = synergy

The Department of Neurosciences is an outstanding example of the synergy created by integrating the efforts of basic science researchers, clinical investigators, and clinicians in a single department.

Led by neurosurgeon Dr. Sunil Patel and researcher Dr. Peter Kalivas, the department was created in November 2004 by fusing the existing Departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Physiology/Neuroscience. Combined, this department becomes the 5th largest Neurosciences department in the country in terms of NIH funding (FY 2003) and the only neuroscience department that places researchers and clinicians at each others' side in an effort to transform the promise of cutting edge research into the reality of improved human health.

Similarly, the close working relationship between clinicians and basic researchers provides the fertile environment necessary for training the next generation of clinician scientists that are so urgently needed to realize the health care opportunities emerging from the laboratory.

In these podcasts, Dr. Peter Kalivas describes the exceptional opportunities for training, research, and clinical care provided by MUSC’s Department of Neurosciences.

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