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ARRA NIH Grants to MUSC Total $28.7M

The National Institutes of Health received $10.4 billion earlier this year as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  NIH developed a number of different funding opportunities for this investment in science and technology as part of the larger economic stimulus program. 

MUSC faculty competed in all 6 major categories of the NIH funding opportunity areas. These categories consisted of supplements to currently funded programs, targeted funding of high priority and high impact areas, instrumentation, faculty recruitment, research infrastructure and payment of already reviewed meritorious grant proposals that Institutes and Centers were previously not able to fund. To date, 300 applications were submitted totaling more than $114 million, including approximately $38 million for research infrastructure and approximately $6.5 million for shared research instrumentation.

As of October 5, 2009, NIH has awarded $28.7 million in ARRA-fund grants to MUSC. This is a major accomplishment and a great reflection of what a talented group of individuals and a committed team can achieve. The types of awards vary across a wide spectrum of topics from the lab to the clinic to the community.  Included are four Challenge Grants, $9.5M as supplements or expansion of currently funded projects and $4.1M for faculty recruitment. These awards will have a significant impact on our broader community, including new and retained jobs, new knowledge, community outreach and applied health care technologies.

Congratulations to all for the tremendous effort this has encompassed.  Simply pulling together such a large of a number of proposals and processing them for submission was a significant undertaking by the entire research community. A list of all ARRA awards made by NIH across the country is easily viewed at the following links: and

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