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The DREAM Team
John Schwacke, ALex Tsoi, Jim Zheng, Tingting Qin, Kellie Sims and Xinghua Lu 

Dream Team Takes Top Rankings at
International Bioinformatics Competition

The DREAM; Dialogue on Reverse Engineering Assessment and Methods Challenge is an international bioinformatics competition that attracts submissions from research groups on the cutting edge in this emerging field. The annual competition is organized by Columbia University and IBM for system biologists and focuses on the development and assessment of reverse engineering methods applied to biological problems such as gene regulatory network inference, binding domain prediction, and signal transduction pathway prediction. Each year new challenges are devised from both simulated and experimental data donated by leading system biology research groups.

The results for the 4th DREAM challenges were released last week, and two teams from MUSC attained top rankings. Dr. John Schwacke, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, tied for first place and was designated a “Best Performer”.  The team was also invited to present results at the DREAM 2009 Conference at MIT in December.  Another MUSC team composed of Dr. Jim Zheng, Dr. Xinghua Lu, Dr. Kellie Sims, Lam Tsoi (Alex), and Tingting Qin, also from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, placed third after a tie for first among two other teams.

The bioinformatics research group,, within the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has made significant contributions to the research development at MUSC, particularly to the research infrastructure including the COBRE in Lipidomics and Biopathology, the NHLBI Proteomics Center, and SCTR.  The faculty  members engage in a variety of bioinformatics and computational biology research efforts including signal transduction system inference and modeling, proteomic, lipidomic, and transcriptomic data analysis, metabolic pathway modeling, biomarker identification, functional genomics, and text mining. For further information on the group's research interests and capabilities, contact Dr. Xinghua Lu (

For more information on the DREAM project visit


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