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Dr. Lina Obeid
Lina Obeid, M.D.
Studying the aging process

The biology of aging: searching to slow down the process

At MUSC, Lina Obeid, M.D., is leading the study to investigate the causes and potentially, the slowing, of the aging process.

"Our laboratory has a long-standing interest in studies on the biology of the aging process. We had earlier discovered that ceramide, a complex lipid molecule, was elevated in old, "senescent," cells, and that treating young cells with ceramide induces them to become senescent. From those studies, we began investigating ceramide–regulated cellular aging.

"More recently, we have identified several enzymes that regulate ceramide levels that lead to cellular aging. Our goals are to modulate the effects of these enzymes by using specific inhibitors. We believe this will consequently regulate cellular health and life span. In our lab, we use mice that have had ceramide-regulating gene codes turned off. We don’t know yet if these studies can be translated into human aging.

Our aim in these studies is to facilitate healthy aging."

Lina Obeid, M.D.
Executive Committee Member, Center on Aging
Boyle Professor of Medicine, Departments of Medicine and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Associate Director of Research Program, Center on Aging

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