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The SCTR SUCCESS Center, under the direction of Royce Sampson, is the entry portal to SCTR Institute services.  The SUCCESS Center provides guidance, navigation, and hands-on training to research investigators and their staff throughout the entire research process.  The services that they provide are adaptable to the needs of each individual research project and are available to the research community at no cost.   The staff at the SUCCESS Center consists of certified and experienced research coordinators, a certified research administrator, and research faculty liaisons.  The SUCCESS Center will either provide you with direct assistance or will make sure that you are matched with the most appropriate SCTR service or existing MUSC research resource, ensuring that you receive the most effective help that this campus has to offer. 

The primary goal of the SUCCESS Center is to help researchers navigate the research process.   Some requests can be answered over the phone while others require consultation and hands-on training.  Depending on the request and subsequent project at hand, the investigator  may meet with the research team or  with one member of the research team individually.  Requests may  include issues such as mentor and collaborator matching, training for regulatory document management, development of recruitment strategies and materials, consultation for IRB submission, guidance with budget development, and assistance in completing informed consents and federal certificates of confidentiality.   Examples of additional SCTR cores and programs include Biomedical Informatics, Education Training and Career Development, and Clinical and Translational Research Center.   The SUCCESS Center does not duplicate services already available on campus, but  fills gaps and facilitates linkages with existing services.

The SUCCESS Center, along with the assistance of many other SCTR and MUSC departments, is in the process of creating several useful toolkits and online resources to help investigators navigate the research process from their own computers.  One of the most recent projects launched includes the MUSC Research Studies Registry to help promote research opportunities available to the community in a searchable and user friendly format located on a central website.  This will be one piece of the larger MUSC Hero Campaign that they are working on with the SCTR Community Engagement Core and MUSC PR and Marketing in order to increase awareness and understanding about the importance of research studies and to say ‘thank you’ to those who volunteer for research at MUSC. 

For more information, call 792-8300, email or visit .

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