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Healthy Charleston Challenge

Healthy Charleston Challenge is a lifestyle change and chronic disease prevention program focusing on increasing physical activity, improving nutrition, reducing stress and improving sleep.  This weight loss program provides skills, professional guidance, and accountability needed for developing healthy lifestyle habits.  Staff includes experienced personal trainers, registered dietitian, exercise physiologists, program physician, and program psychologist.   Mrs. Jenny Sanford, first lady of South Carolina is Honorary Chairperson and keeps up with the program results weekly.  The next program starts January 15, 2009.  Sign up begins November 10, 2008.  Visit for more info.

Comments from participants:
“I saw my cardiologist today (3-20-08).    He could not believe how much weight I have lost.  Instead of talking about how I can improve my health, we talked about how healthy I was becoming.  This is a life long battle with weight that I will win.  I have learned so much through Healthy Charleston Challenge.  I have a long way to go, but for the first time in my life I feel and know that I am going to make it.  I have made a lot of new friends and am looking forward to seeing how everyone is keeping up the good work in the future.  THANKS!” 

“Healthy Charleston Challenge was and continues to be a personal growth program for me.  I found support to get me through the rough days; learned to put my health first, regardless of the pressures from either work or home, and am learning that success is defined as doing my best.  I no longer need my CPAP machine for sleep apnea, avoided both lipid lowering and hypertensive medications, and now have yearly rather than quarterly lab work. I can actually run a mile rather than 20 feet.  I am beginning to live life rather than existing. I have confidence to try new things and worry less about failing.  Not only do I look different, I am different.”