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Dr Harvey Alter, leader of Hepatitis C discovery, to come to Charleston


Dr. AlterI have been successful in persuading Dr Harvey Alter to come to Charleston to give Grand Rounds to the Department of Medicine on Tuesday November 25th (8am in the IOP Auditorium).

For those of you who have not heard of him, he has been Director of Transfusion Medicine at the NIH for several decades and is one of the leaders in the world on Hepatitis C (and other forms of viral hepatitis). He will talk on its natural history. He was one of the key investigators who discovered hepatitis C, as published in Science in 1989. He was also a co-author with Baruch Blumberg of the paper that first reported the discovery of Hepatitis B (then called the Australia Antigen - see attached article about it). Harvey was given the highly prestigious Lasker Award* a few years ago, and continues to make important discoveries in the field of Viral Hepatitis. If that were not enough, he is a delightful person and arguably the funniest lecturer I have ever heard. Anyone with the even the smallest interest in liver disease, viral hapatitis and/or outstanding scholarship should make every effort to attend this unique event.

Adrian Reuben

View article "Thin Red Line" (pdf)

*Lasker Award

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The Albert Lasker Medical Research Awards have been awarded annually since 1946 to living persons who have made major contributions to medical science. They are administered by the Lasker Foundation, founded by advertising pioneer Albert Lasker  and his wife Mary Woodward Lasker (later an influential medical research activist). The awards are sometimes referred to as "America's Nobels." As of 2008, 75 recipients have gone on to win the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

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