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MUSC Convocation Faculty Awards Presented August 25, 2009

During one of the most challenging financial years of MUSC's recent history, MUSC faculty have achieved outstanding successes in many areas of teaching, clinical, and research endeavor.  This year's Convocation honored a handful of our many outstanding faculty with the following awards:

Distinguished Faculty Service Award – Dr. Barbara Edlund helps one of our countries fastest growing and vulnerable populations as an authority in geriatric health care.  She has been instrumental in bringing palliative care nursing to South Carolina and receives invitations internationally, nationally as well as from other MUSC colleges to teach students how to care for seniors with dignity and respect in the area of gerontology and palliative care.

Distinguished Faculty Service Award – Dr. Maralynne Mitcham is director of the Division of Occupational Therapy and associate chair of the Department of Health Professions. She was instrumental in leading the program to national prominence, highly accredited with a first time pass rate averaging 97 percent on national boards. She has served in many leadership capacities and is the consummate professional as a clinician, an academician and as an involved member of her community.

Outstanding Clinician Award – Dr. Pierre Giglio directs the Neuro-onocology Brain Tumor Program in the Department of Neurosciences and is an assistant professor of Medicine. He provides dedication to his patients with compassion and is a nationally recognized expert in the treatment of malignant gliomas. Presently he is the only physician in South Carolina with this distinction.  His compassion extends beyond the patient to the family providing comfort, care and humor. 

Outstanding Clinician/Physician Award – Dr. Kimbery Davis has led several innovations that bring a patient centered approach to the practice of medicine. She is the Clinical Director for Ambulatory Medicine and has received regional and national attention for her efforts improving the delivery of care to the patient. She is an advocate for electronic medical records and developed the Rapid Access Center in the General Internal Medicine Clinic providing the university with same day physician office visits.  As a clinical educator she has the unique ability to encourage independence and autonomy while offering guidance and support.

Developing Scholar Award – Dr. Carla Danielson is closing the gap between healing the body and mind through her groundbreaking research with adolescents who have been traumatized. She is an assistant professor with MUSC’s National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center and researches the likely link between maltreatment of children and their abuse of controlled substances.  She devised a therapeutic approach known as Risk Reduction through Family Therapy (RRFT) encompassing treatment for maltreatment, depression, substance abuse and revictimization with promising preliminary findings.

Developing Scholar Award – Dr. Amy Bradshaw is highly regarded as an expert and recognized scholar in ECM and Secreted protein, acidic and rich in cysteine (SPARC) field. She is a true basic scientist and is constantly challenging the dogma in the field through her quest for answers to the how and why of SPARC functions.  Outside the lab she is recognized as an excellent instructor in pharmaceutical sciences, advanced cell biology and dental medicine.

Developing Scholar Award – Dr. Matthew Carpenter confronts one of our must critical public health issues as a tobacco control researcher and assistant professor. His focus investigates efforts in smoking cessation therapies. Areas of research include the underuse of these therapies among minority populations, intervention among adolescent smokers, and the influence of menstrual cycles in women’s smoking behavior. His understanding of interdisciplinary team science is essential to achieving breakthroughs in research along with his focus on aspects of public health that are not being actively pursued.

Teaching Excellence Award in the Educator/Mentor category – Dr. Jane Ariail is Director of the Center for Academic Excellence and Associate Professor of Library Sciences and Informatics with a back ground in English composition and literature. She assists students in overcoming writing skills barriers, time management barriers and test taking strategies. Like a physician, she provides a diagnosis to overcome these barriers and provides students the skills to successfully overcome intellectual challenges.

Teaching Excellence Award in the Educator-Lecturer category – Dr. Andrea White received her bachelor’s degree in Health Information Administration from MUSC and is an associate professor and program director of the College of Health Professions’ Masters in Health Administration. She encourages students to think outside the box and develops progressive solutions to complex health care problems. She believes management and teaching requires credibility, confidence, and organization with the ability to motivate and influence people, build positive relationships and hold people accountable.  Her success in this approach has lead to numerous awards and contributions in the area of teaching and leadership.

Teaching Excellence Award in the Clinical-Professional/ Educator-Mentor Category – Dr. Joseph Romagnuolo is one of only a handful of educators capable of training others in advanced endoscopy procedures and is associate professor of medicine and director of clinical research in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. He is an outstanding educator and mentor with his hands on approach to teaching. He utilizes his background in Epidemiology to promote education and is on the cutting edge of interventional endoscopic gastroenterology training in both clinical and investigative medicine.

Developing Teacher of the year Award – Dr. Abby Kazley has departed from the traditional instructional setting as assistant professor in the Master of Health Administration program. She employs virtually every technological tool available from Power Point to game shows to case studies and provides students the opportuntity and feedback for active and experiential learning. Through developing an understanding of the material, students earn their grade through her passionate, eager and creative course.

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