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Dr. Garr

Dr. David Garr reviews the mission of SC AHEC connecting students to health careers, health professionals to communities and communities to better health.

 South Carolina AHEC:  Connecting Students to Careers, Professionals to Communities and Communities to Better Health

The South Carolina Area Health Education Consortium (South Carolina AHEC) began in 1972 as one of the 11 originally funded projects of the federal AHEC program. We function as a cooperative effort of the Medical University of South Carolina, the University of South Carolina, the South Carolina community teaching hospitals, and the four regional AHEC Centers. We have successfully grown into a system that works closely with the state’s institutions of higher education and other partners to educate, recruit, and retain health care providers.

The South Carolina AHEC provides for a continuum of education extending from primary and secondary school, to undergraduate and professional school, then to graduate medical education, and finally to continuing education for practicing health professionals.  This pipeline model of education, training and practice seeks to identify students early in order to “grow our own”.

Specifically, we maintain strong programs designed to increase the number of young people who aspire to become health care professionals, with an emphasis on serving students from underrepresented ethnic minority and economically disadvantaged populations.  In addition, we facilitate clinical rotations for health professions students in rural and underserved areas, and help increase the physician workforce by sponsoring graduate medical education residency training programs.  We enhance clinical competence by providing educational programs for health care providers at or near their workplace.  These programs help health professionals in a variety of disciplines maintain their certification. Finally, we work to increase the state’s healthcare workforce by coordinating programs designed to recruit and retain primary care providers.

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