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MUSC Wellness Center Digital Photography Program

Digital photography is a creative outlet that offers mental, social and sometimes physical well being. MUSC is fortunate to have a facility like the Wellness Center which offers more than physical health but encourages total well being. The emerging photography program offers private instruction, classes, lighting workshops, online photo club community and more. Students are discovering if they are reactive or proactive digital photographers. They are learning the fundamental controls that photographers deal with on a daily basis. The understanding of these fundamental controls allows anyone to capture images which are of interest to them or others. Digital photography fosters a healthy creative practice which is best when shared.

Michael Fischbach is a published photographer who believes that professional photography does not just belong in galleries and commercial arena; it should also be an integral part of the visual landscape. His work can be viewed at TAKE-N-IMAGESĀ®.com.
"We have a lot of talent, as seen in the Student/Faculty Exhibition in April, at MUSC and my hope is to foster anyone who wants to capture their own quality images" -MF

Please go to the Wellness Center Front Desk for registration for digital photography classes and workshops.