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MUSC Students Celebrate Match Day

match day bottles“When it comes down to it, there are really only two tasks you must accomplish while you are here in medical school, but neither of them is very easy. The first is to learn how to become a physician. The second is to choose the proper medical career for you.  Our job is to help you successfully accomplish both of these tasks.”  This quotation by Dean Reves, Dean of the College of Medicine, outlines two of the most important goals of medical school.

 As medical students get close to completing the first task with graduation in May, they recently learned on "Match Day" what specialty and in which location they will completing residency.

Each year in March, 4th year medical students  across the United States  participate in  the "Match."  During the fall of their 4th and final year, students  begin interviewing  with residency programs in the specialty of their choice.  In February, students submit a rank order list of their preference of residency programs, and simultaneously residency programs submit a rank order list of their preference of students.  A computerized algorithm is then used to match students to programs.  Four years of hard work culminates in the "Match  Day" ceremony when students learn the identify of the program to which they have matched.  It is an exciting, anxiety-filled moment, as each student is called to the podium to read the letter indicating where he or she has matched.  Because this is such an important life event, students are often accompanied by spouses, children, and significant others as they read the announcement and learn for the first time where they will be spending the next one to five years.

MUSC did exceptionally well in this year's Match.  129 MUSC students succesfully matched into a variety of specialties all around the country at prestigious institutions.  Incredibly, 30% of our students matched into "competitive match" specialties: Anesthesiology, Dermatology, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Radiation Oncology, and Radiology.  Overall, the most representated specialty was Internal Medicine  (IM)  with 22% going into IM or a combined IM residency.  28% of students will be completing their residency training at the Medical University of South Carolina while 72% will be going to other institutions.  Students will be training coast to coast (from the University of Southern California to Yale University). The Dean's Office would like to thank all faculty who provided support, teaching, and guidance to the students.  We are extremely proud of our students and look forward to welcoming them into the profession.