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Jared Carter, Nursing Student:  “I Want the Ball in my Hands!”

Jared Carter is in the middle of the accelerated BSN program at the MUSC College of Nursing. Jared graduated from Wofford College in 2001, and worked and traveled in 40 countries for several years including a teaching stint in Guatemala and as a dive master in Australia.  He then began the MHA program at MUSC in 2005 and graduated two years later.  However, during his administrative residency he found himself increasingly fascinated by clinical work and ultimately decided to become a nurse.

Jared is a role model as a nursing student and is truly a future leader in the nursing profession. He has been recognized with a Robert Wood Johnson New Careers in Nursing Scholarship Program designated for nursing students who have a degree in another field and are from an under-represented population in nursing. His journey to become a nurse has been somewhat unusual, and we want non-traditional students to know about this journey and think they, too, can take it and be successful.

Jared is proficent in conversational Spanish and has spent time teaching in Guatemala. Most recently, he was selected by a College of Nursing faculty member to be our ambassador at the International Conference on Global Health in Washington, DC, May 26-30.

In this podcast Jared describes his path to nursing and the excitement of his career choice.  Jared describes himself by saying “When the game is on the line, I want the ball in my hands” and says he is particularly drawn to hands-on fields like Surgical critical care and trauma.  

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