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Dean Sothmann

2009 College of Health Professions Graduates  

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the MUSC College of Health Professions 2009 Graduates!  As you reflect for a moment, it was only a few years ago you received your letter of acceptance to your respective program of study.  You undoubtedly experienced joy, excitement, and anticipation as you embarked upon a new challenge in your life.  In your pursuit of the knowledge that has made you a health care professional, your education benefitted from state of the art facilities, outstanding professors recognized on a national level, and a welcoming staff.  There were days that were more challenging than others, but you have now received the necessary knowledge to move forward with your professional goals.  Thus, as we prepare to come together as a College, joined by family and friends, to celebrate your accomplishments, I invite you to continue your relationship with the College of Health Professions as we strive to elevate the professions we represent.  As you experience the same joy, excitement and anticipation that come with your new professional challenges, you now become ambassadors of the highest standards of health professions for which the College of Health Professions stands.   As Dean, I am confident in your abilities, proud of your accomplishments and pleased to join you in celebration.  

As an alumnus, you will always be a part of College of Health Professions.  I hope that you will continue to be involved with the College by visiting the campus, participating in activities, engaging in the dialogue that moves our professions forward and supporting the college in achieving its goal of national distinction in education, research, and service.  

Mark S. Sothmann, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor

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