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Drs. Austin, Deas and Shaw
Drs. Linda Austin, Deborah Deas and Darlene Shaw 

 Women Leading Wellness: A Workshop Series by Women...for Women

In our family roles as wives, mothers, daughters, nutritional coaches, and caregivers, we women make countless healthcare decisions.  The groceries we buy and the food we prepare determine lifelong preferences for our families.  Our conversations with our children about drugs, alcohol, and sex may have lasting impact on their behavior.  And from well-baby checks for our infants to end-of-life care for our parents, we make countless choices about where our families receive medical treatment.  In fact, it is estimated that 80% of all health care decisions are made by women.

Women Leading Wellness is a workshop series sponsored by women faculty of MUSC in partnership with the Center for Women.  As women we understand the complexities, challenges, and joys of our multiple family roles.  The goal of the series is to engage with the women of the tri-county community to discuss the pressing concerns of women as healthcare leaders within their families and within society.  Each workshop will consist of a panel discussion with MUSC women and community women, with plenty of time allotted for free-ranging discussion with participants.

Please click on for a complete listing of the workshops and for registration information.  Call your sister or best friend, and join us for evenings of discussion that will educated and inspire you in one of the most important roles of your life – a woman leading wellness for her family.

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