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Interprofessionalism at Its Best:  MUSC's Presidential Scholars
Presidential ScholarsPresidential Scholars is the University's premiere interprofessional program and was originated by Dr. Ray Greenberg when he was the University Provost as a mechanism to enrich the academic culture of the University and promote greater interprofessional understanding among health professional students.

The Scholars Program is a two-semester experience for approximately 36 students, joined by selected faculty scholars from each college. This non-graded, extracurricular program allows students to bring an interprofessional perspective to the study of complex social, political, and human issues of broad interest to healthcare professionals and biomedical researchers. Involvement in the scholars program will allow students to:

  • Engage in an intellectually challenging and provocative dialogue on issues of interest to health professionals and biomedical researchers;
  • Develop appreciation for other professions and understand interprofessional collaboration;
  • Appreciate the complexities of difficult social issues and how these complexities are interwoven in health and healthcare delivery;
  • Heighten awareness of their own values in the context of their professional responsibilities; and
  • Engage in community based work to improve the health of local communities. 

Scholars meet bi-monthly for dinner meetings and presentations; additional meetings to complete group community project work may occur. Other events include a trip to the South Carolina State Legislature and dinner with President Greenberg. Previous Scholars have found participation in the program has greatly benefited their professional development.

View the 2009-2010 Scholars (doc)

View the 2010-2011 Scholars (doc)

Presidential Scholars Posters for 2010:

(all files are PPT)
- Monique Huyn,Childhood Obesity
- Marisa Meyers, Health
Lisa Murphy, Wellness
- Melissa Thompson, Diabetes

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