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Go Green!  Celebrating Earth Day at MUSC

There are many reasons to celebrate Earth Day. This spring has been glorious, the blooms seem brighter and the greens more intense, maybe due to the cold winter. The local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs began to distribute their produce this week and we are thankful for the new harvest! The other reason that we celebrate Earth Day at MUSC is to increase our awareness of the environment. Earth Day is an opportunity to learn about green products, exchange ideas on how to become more sustainable, and to make lifestyle changes that will make a positive impact on our environment. If anyone is looking for ideas or information on how to help MUSC meet its sustainability objectives, go to

Join the MUSC Earth Day celebration on April 20 from 11 to 2 in the horseshoe with live music and food from Daily Dose, Taste of India and Good Dogs! Meet Rosebank and Legare Farms, learn about their CSA program, take the Nature Conservancy quiz, make a hula hoop, or learn to upcycle! Eco-friendly craftsmen and businesses will be showing their green products and environmental agencies will share their love for the earth. At 11:30 AM Dr Greenberg and Mayor Riley will be holding an informal Q&A session about their commitment to sustainability. Come and celebrate Earth Day with us!

Find out more about MUSC's Sustainability and Recycling Program:

To join other health professionals at MUSC who are committed to keeping the environment clean, join the MUSC Green Team.

Support MUSC Go Green Inititatives:

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