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Oustanding Faculty Recognized at Convocation 2010

Distinguished Faculty Service
Dr Brady

Kathleen Brady, MD, PhD

  • A member of the MUSC faculty for 22 years
  • Director of the Clinical Neurosciences Division of the Department of Psychiatry and  Behavioral Sciences and one of MUSC’s top federally-funded researchers
  • Principal investigator and Director for one of 11 Specialized Centers of Research on Sex and Gender Factors Affecting Women’s Health
  • Currently President of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, the largest organization of psychiatrists studying substance use disorders
Dr Malcolm

Robert Malcolm, MD

  • Served MUSC for 34 years
  • Director of the Office of Research Integrity, a crucial position in the ever-difficult challenge for extramural funding
  • A senior leader in the Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs, studying cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamines and other addictive substances
  • Served our nation in both the US Navy and Air Force
  • Helped put MUSC ahead of the curve in the current national obesity epidemic as a co-founder of the Weight Management Clinic in the mid-1970s
Dr. Sade

Robert Sade, MD

  • Came to MUSC from the Harvard faculty in 1975
  • Founder of MUSC’s Section of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
  • Among the offices he holds or has held are: Assistant Dean and Associate Dean of the College of Medicine; Medical Director of the Main Hospital; Chair of the Thomas Pitts Memorial Lectureship; Director of the Institute of Human Values in Health Care; Medical Director of LifePoint, and many others
  • Has held offices at the local, regional and national levels, and is nationally recognized as a leading authority on medical ethics
Oustanding Clinicians
Dr. Chalela

Julio Chalela, M.D.

  • Came to MUSC in 2005 and has played a major role in elevating our stroke program to national recognition
  • Instrumental in the development of the Brain Attack Team and the telemedicine REACH program, short for “remote evaluation of acute ischemic stroke”
  • Director of the Neuro Intensive Care Unit with a wonderful bedside manner
Dr Sherman

Carol Sherman, M.D.

  • Came to MUSC in 1997 and is Medical Director for the Hollings Cancer Center and Associate Chief for Clinical Affairs in the Division of Hematology/Oncology
  • An expert in the management of lung cancer, exhibiting professionalism, respect and compassion to every one she meets, from colleagues to her patients and their families
 Dr. Shrader

Sarah Shrader, PharmD

  • Relationship with MUSC dates back to 2003 as a resident and staff pharmacist; joined the faculty in 2006
  • One of the few pharmacists who is a Certified Diabetes Educator and dedicates more than 9 months a year in patient care activities, including the Family Medicine Clinic and Inpatient Service, and the student-run CARES clinic
Teaching Excellence
Dr. Conner

Ruth Stockdell Conner, RN, PhD (c)

Developing Teacher

  • Relationship with MUSC goes back to 1992 as a nurse in the Abdominal Transplant, Nephrology and Urology Unit; joined the faculty in 2007
  • Her extensive nursing experience, her use of humor and her passion enable her to connect with her students in a very positive manner
  • In 2008 she received the MUSC Outstanding BSN Faculty Member Award
Dr. Kern

Michael Kern, PhD


  • Joined the MUSC faculty in 1995 with appointments in the colleges of Graduate Studies and Dental Medicine
  • Based on student evaluations, he ranked first of all the educators who instructed dental students in 2009: his nomination for this award was supported by the presidents of all four current dental classes – from 2010 to 2013
  • Students say he goes above and beyond what is expected by a course instructor and makes himself available on their time, not his
Dr. Amella

Elaine Amella, PhD, RN



  • Currently a Professor in the College of Nursing with a joint appointment in the College of Graduate Studies, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom
  • Came to MUSC in 1999 and served for four years as Associate Dean for Research and Evaluation
  • She has been called the “mentor of mentors” for her support of the junior and mid-level nursing faculty
Dr. Hanson

Rochelle Hanson, PhD



  • First came to MUSC in 1990 and is currently a Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Has won the Golden Apple Award for Outstanding New Teacher, among other honors
  • Consistently rated as one of the best clinical supervisors and research mentors in the psychology internship program, repeatedly receiving the Best Clinical Supervisor Award, and last year received the Outstanding Mentor Award by the predoctoral interns
Developing Scholar
Dr. Neumann

Carola Neumann, MD

  • A native of Germany, she came to MUSC in 2005 after several clinical sub-internships at Harvard, Boston University, Tufts University and the University of Rhode Island
  • Academically, her research is making important contributions helping to explain the roles of oxidative stress and redox signalling in cancer
  • Selected as one of the top 10 teaching faculty by first-year graduate students for her lecture on the use of mouse models in cancer research
Dr. Parsons

Christopher Parsons, MD

  • Joined the MUSC faculty in 2006 with appointments in the departments of Medicine, Microbiology/Immunology and Craniofacial Biology – also works with the HIV/AIDS Service at the VA Medical Center
  • Focus of his research is the pathogenesis of virally-mediated cancers, especially the gamma-herpes virus KSHV
  • Cancer has become one of the leading causes of death in HIV/AIDS patients, and KSHV is one of the leading causes of cancer in this group, making his work more important than ever