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 Women as Nutritional Coaches:
Feeding and Leading Your Family to Healthy Preferences

In our hectic society, many women struggle to make healthy food choices for themselves and their families.  It can be seem daunting to fight the food marketing messages and raise children who consume more than chicken nuggets and fruit punch.  Is the answer to forbid all “junk foods?”  What about our partners? Is it possible to motivate another person to change their ways?  What are some of the health conditions we face that a healthier diet could help with?  How can we prepare healthy meals that taste great?

"February’s "Women Leading Wellness" will tackle these important questions in a panel discussion with plenty of time available for audience participation.  

Amy H. Mendez, MPH, RD, LD  
Seinsheimer Cardiovascular Health Program Dietitian, Division of Cardiology, MUSC    

Katherine Boyce MS, RD, LD Outpatient Nutrition Manager/Pediatric Endocrine Dietitian, MUSC
"Raising healthy eaters"

Joshua D. Brown, Ph.D., is the Director of Clinical Services at the MUSC Weight Management Center and is a licensed clinical psychologist.
 “Motivation—how can you encourage your loved ones to make healthy food choices?"

Holly Herrick, Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, food writer and author of “Southern Farmers Market Cookbook.”
"Preparing nutritious, tasty meals using the freshest produce available throughout the growing season."

Dr. Anne-Marie Fields, MD Internist, Clinical Instructor, MUSC
"Nutrition topics that affect women in middle-age"

Join us Wednesday, Feb, 10 at 6 pm on the MUSC Campus at the Basic Science Auditorium  
Event and parking are free (parking available at Ashley-Rutledge garage) 

To register, visit or please call 792-5817.

Additional Sponsors: Skirt! Magazine and Wachovia Bank
Food provided by Whole Foods




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