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Dr. Jerry Reves, Dean, College of Medicine Retiring

Parker, A.  (2010, June 26, 2010).  Retiring MUSC dean on cruise control:  Jerry Reves.  The Post and Courier, pp. D1, D3.

Besides being dean of the College of Medicine, he is professor of anesthesia and perioperative medicine, professor in the department of cell and molecular pharmacology and experimental therapeutics, and vice president for medical affairs.

He's recruited top people, such as Andrew Kraft, who runs the Hollings Cancer Center and oversaw the process that secured its National Cancer Institute designation. He ensured that the Medical University reached the top third of the medical schools recognized by the National Institutes of Health. He helped bring in millions of dollars in funding.

"I'm more like a coach, I select the players," Reves said. "But they have the talent, they have to perform, they have to perform like a team."

At Duke, his emphasis was on helping to advance careers, he said. At the Medical University, it's more about improving the institution.

Two hospitals in the South with the best reputations are Duke and Emory, Reves noted. That's where people with serious health problems historically have gone for specialized treatment.

Not so much anymore. "We want to make it so Charlestonians don't have to leave Charleston," he said.

A big job

Kraft was recruited by Reves in 2004 from the University of Colorado. As director of the Hollings Cancer Center, he has worked closely with his boss to make the center a world-class institution.

Dr. Reves has been spectacularly successful during his term as Dean of the College of Medicine.  It has been a great privilege to have worked with him, and to have shared in his remarkable success.  He is a person of great integrity and achievement.  Yet his modest, self-effacing, and gracious approach to any issue, no matter how difficult, and his willingness to listen to ideas from others, has made the journey through his term as Dean truly rewarding!   His first concern has always been the citizens of our great State, our students, the faculty, and all those who worked diligently to make us better!  We can never pay him back for his prodigious efforts.  We can only attempt to pass on his excellence to the next generation of physicians and scientists.

John R Feussner
Chairman, Department of Medicine

"Being dean is a complicated job," Kraft said.

Reves is responsible for students, the clinical apparatus and the research scientists. "It's a big job," and it's people-oriented, Kraft said, which plays to Reves' strengths. "He's a good listener."

He marries his own abilities and experiences with those of others, empowering people and guiding them at the same time, Kraft added.

Reves also has worked hard to build bridges between departments, which tend to work in silos, Kraft said. Among other things, the dean has encouraged his colleagues in other departments to get their patients into trials. There are more than 100 trials under way at any given time, Kraft said.

More than half of all doctors in South Carolina were educated at the Medical University. During the past nine years, since Reves became dean, the school has turned out 1,200 doctors.

Dr. Etta Pisano a radiologist and breast imaging pioneer from Duke Medical School, was hired to replace Reves. She will be the Medical University's first female dean of the College of Medicine.

Read the full article in the Post & Courier.


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