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Unsung Heroes of OCIO-Information Services

Technical teams tackle tricky tasks twenty-four/seven

The teams may have indecipherable names (NST, storage management, Unix and Win Sys Admin, and Data Center Ops) but when the winds kick up, the streets flood and the monitors go dark, team members answer the call.

Organized as Infrastructure Services under the Office of the CIO, teams consisting of managers, field engineers, and system administrators fan out during weather emergencies to keep vital computer systems running.

The rare snowstorm in February, the heavy rains in June, and the blistering heat of August have all caused problems for hospital and university networks.

Ken Bowman, Bill Rust and Vince Dibble are Infrastructure managers. Team leaders include Michael Haschker, Duane Deweese, Jack Hoffman, Scott Burroughs, Dennis Slade and Robbie Townsend.

- George Spain

UNIX Systems Admin. Team

IS Team

Managed Desktop Team

Managed Desktop team

Windows Systems Admin Team
Windows Sys Admin Team

Storage Management Team
Storage Mgmt Team

Data Center Operations
Data Center Operations

Network Systems Team
Network Systems

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