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MUSC Grounds Department: Helping People Heal, Reduce Stress, and Learn

It's not just for show. Studies have found that adding beautiful green spaces to a campus or medical facility aids in healing, stress reduction and learning. MUSC's Grounds Department is determined that each one of us, whether an employee, student, or visitor, has the opportunity to benefit from the natural beauty of our campus every day.

The Grounds Department does everything from cleaning garages and collecting trash to keeping the lawns mowed, trimmed and weed free. We also plan and implement cost effective flower, shrub and tree plantings to keep our campus beautiful. We are all dedicated and passionate about keeping the campus clean and well maintained. We have spent much of the past two years relocating existing plantings to environments where they can thrive, and planting more beautiful plants that easier to maintain and come back every year.

Our projects are always ongoing! We have a 2 year plan for the entire campus that touches every flower bed, whether it is just pruning and moving some plants or replanting the entire area.

Current Projects:

The Trauma Lot – The trauma lot is getting a much-needed facelift. Over the next month we have plans to rip out the large wax myrtles and replace them with something smaller and easier to maintain. We are going to put in irrigation, and some of the area will have clumping bamboo. The area around the pump house in the trauma lot has been planted with drought tolerant grasses and plants, and we have plans to fix up the areas along the sidewalk in that same area. Even the second floor outside walkway on the north side of the Clinical Science Building is on our list of things to do. This fall we plan on adding some nice color to the planter beds. I think that is one of the best hidden spots on campus. Many folks don’t even it's there.

Walton Research Building - It has taken a long time to get the area ready but now the plants are almost all in! Ride by Sabin Street and check it out some time!

The Horseshoe - The Horseshoe has a little area that is in need of irrigation repair and vegetation. In the next couple of weeks we will install roses, fragrant tea olives and other great Lowcountry plants.

We appreciate all of the support that we get from everyone on campus. Even the simplest compliment from a passerby about a trashcan being clean makes our day! So, thank you MUSC for your continued support.

Robin Smith, Grounds Department Supervisor

Grounds Crew

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