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Frequently Asked Questions for Reporting Hours

Am I required to report my hours?
Students are not required to report their hours, but it is a convenient way to help you keep track of all the community service work you have done while at MUSC.  We can print out a detailed report of your volunteer experiences if you have provided us with pertinent information.  Doing so will create a volunteer resume that can be used for future letters of reference, CV’s, and scholarship opportunities.

How do I report my hours?
You can report your hours either online (Net ID required) or come by the MUSC Gives Back office located in Student Programs and fill out a form by hand.

How often do I need to report my hours?
We recommend that you report your volunteer hours regularly, and best to do so soon following your volunteer experiences. At anytime, students are welcomed to report any service hours performed during their enrollment while at MUSC.

What volunteer hours should I report to MUSC GIVES BACK?
The MUSC Gives Back Program recognizes volunteered hours that increase the value of a student’s education earned at the Medical University by allowing them to address unmet needs in the community and abroad. These volunteer hours should contribute services or resources to an individual, group, non-profit or community initiative who otherwise would be unable to do so for themselves, or promote healthy lifestyle to others.

If I participate in a group service activity, will my hours be reported?
We encourage group leaders to turn in an event report form detailing everyone’s hours after an event. However, if you want to be certain that you get credit for your hard work, it is always a good idea to personally report your hours on an individual report form.

How can I obtain a copy of my volunteer hours?
You may email us at to request a copy of your volunteer record.  We do not automatically provide them to dean’s offices unless requested. Please allow 48 hours for the office to process your request.