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Volunteer Guide
(Frequently Asked Questions for Volunteer Opportunities)

As a MUSC student, am I required to volunteer with MUSC GIVES BACK?
Though some course directors and programs have student volunteer service requirements, overall, MUSC students are not mandated to complete a certain number of volunteer hours or even to report their hours to MUSC Gives Back.  However, it is a good way for students to get a feel for the different populations they could serve in the future.  Some volunteer experiences could be very helpful in determining where your career in health care will take you.

Do I really have time to volunteer?
We know how busy your schedules are during the school year, so do not worry if you only have a few hours here and there to volunteer.  There are several date-specific projects that only require a few hours or one afternoon.

Where can I volunteer?
Check out “
The Classifieds”, the Want Ads for Student Volunteers for events and details, or search the on-line volunteer database (Net ID required) of community opportunities exclusively selected that supports the MUSC Gives Back program mission.  Of course, you can stop by the MUSC Gives Back office at the Harper Student Center to discuss you volunteer interests and we will help match your skills and passion with a community need.

After you or your student organization has decided on a specific volunteer event/program, keep your commitment, be dependable, and keep MUSC Gives Back up-to-date on your activities.  Click here to report your volunteer hours. (Net ID required)

Increase the value of your education earned at the Medical University of South Carolina by becoming a MUSC Gives Back Student Volunteer today!

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