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Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Intervention for Health Care Providers

Principal Investigator: Ronald Acierno, Ph.D.  <bio sketch>  <e-mail>
Funding Source:  South Carolina Department of Public Safety (SC DPS)

Dates of Project:  10/01/2010 - 09/30/2011

Health Care Personnel are in a pivotal position to help adult victims of violence.  However, they frequently fail to do so because they are not trained to consistently recognize, properly assess, or effectively treat these victims, despite the American Medical Association’s recommendations and guidelines for the screening of female adult patients by physicians.

The purpose of this project is to (a) refine and (b) implement a low-cost training program, not just for medical students, but also for students in nursing and physician's assistant programs of study. In addition, to greatly expand the number of medical and health care personnel this program reaches by incorporating "train the trainer" sessions, during which PhD level psychology interns with clinical interests in interpersonal violence against adult women will be trained to provide these lectures to other health care personnel.  We will develop a brief training program to intervene in cases of interpersonal violence against adult women that can be easily integrated into existing educational protocols in medical school curriculums and even clinical practices.  We further propose to train PhD level psychology interns to deliver these training programs to other health care personnel. 

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