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Helping Organization and Programs Expand: Action for Enduring and Emerging Issues

Principal Investigator: Dean G. Kilpatrick, Ph.D.   <bio sketch>  <e-mail>
Funding Source:  Office for Victims of Crime (OVC)
Award #: 2010-VF-GX-K010
Dates of Project:  08/01/2010 - 07/31/2011

The crime victims’ movement has made considerable progress over the years and victims now have rights and services.  Past strategic planning efforts have identified new directions and priorities for the victim services field, and some of these goals have been realized.  However, many previously identified problems remain enduring challenges for the field.  The field also faces emerging issues such as the onset of new crimes and a broadening of the reach of other crimes through technological advances and the changing demographics of America.  The goal of this Project is to collaborate with four other HOPE III Projects and OVC to develop a consensus report that will make recommendations to OVC and the broader victims’ field for meeting these enduring and emerging challenges, and a blueprint for a national demonstration project (or set of projects) that will implement these recommendations.   This Project is a unique collaboration between a highly respected academic center devoted to understanding and improving the lives of crime victims and a veteran group of victim advocates and service professionals who will act as key consultants.  In addition, an impressive list of over 30 stakeholders representing virtually every aspect of the victims’ field have committed to participate in the Project.  The Project will review and analyze the findings and recommendations of the four 12-month HOPE III Projects using sophisticated data mining, qualitative, and literature analysis methods.  A Web-based Information Management System will be used to facilitate all Project activities.  A draft report of recommendations and blueprint will be develop and submitted for review to a set of stakeholders developed in collaboration with OVC.  Online discussions, review templates, and other tools will be used.  A two-day stakeholder Forum will be conducted to discuss the findings and recommendations.  A revised draft report will be submitted to OVC for review and comment.  A Final Report incorporating all feedback will be developed and submitted to OVC.

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