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Other clinical services offered through the NCVC:

  • The Survivors of Homicide Support Group Services
    The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office Victims’ Assistance Program and the National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center has organized a program for family survivors of homicide to give and receive support in a safe and confidential setting. Two support groups and one psychoeducational group are offered. Groups are structured to help each survivor gain a better understanding of loss and grief, and to help promote change and growth in their lives. In addition, assistance with transportation to crime-related appointments, completing SOVA applications, and crisis intervention are available.  Please call our main clinic to inquire about group times and locations. Program Director: Alyssa Rheingold, Ph.D.
  • V.I.P. Coordination Program
    This is a service program currently being funded by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety to address the complicated needs of child victims appropriately accessing trauma-related resources in the Charleston community.   The present program has two major goals: (1) to provide crisis intervention and psychoeducation to child sexual assault victims and their families during the forensic medical examination and/or interview  and (2) to increase access and use of youth serving victims services, such as community mental health programs, medical settings, child welfare, the judicial system, and child protective services. In order to achieve the first goal, the NCVC offers specialized crisis intervention services for child victims and their families who are experiencing extreme emotional reactions due to their victimization at the time of the forensic medical examination or forensic interview. A Licensed Clinical Psychologist or Masters level therapist is on-call for crisis intervention. Victims served by this program are child victims and their families from the Tri-County Area. In addition, those who attend either a forensic medical examination at MUSC’s V.I.P. clinic or forensic interview at the Low Country Children’s Center (LCC) are offered a psychoeducation packet about common reactions to sexual assault and what to expect in the coming months related to the investigation and aftercare. The second goal is achieved through intensive case management and scheduling regular community staffings with other agencies to coordinate care for child victims.  Program Director: Michael de Arellano, Ph.D.

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