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  • Victim Reactions to Sexual Assault       (en Espanol)
    This four-page handout contains information about common mental, physical, and behavioral reactions following a sexual assault.
  • Victim Reactions to Traumatic Events    
    Similar to the handout above, except that it applies to any type of traumatic experience (e.g., physical assault, car or industrial accident, disaster).
  • Child Victim Reactions 
    Similar to the two above handouts, except it is tailored to children's reactions to (any type of) trauma.
  • Survival Guide for Child Victims    (2003)
    Developed by the NCVC, this booklet provides information to children and parent of children who have experienced sexual abuse about facts, common reactions, and treatments for child sexual abuse, about financial assistance for victims and victim's rights, and about the legal/court system related to child sexual abuse. There is also an extensive community resources section. Though this booklet was designed to help those in the Charleston area and surrounding counties, much of the information can be helpful to those in other cities and serve as a model to communities who wish to design a similar booklet.
  • Guide for Survivors of Homicide   (2005)
    Developed by the NCVC in conjunction with the Charleston County Sheriff's Department, this booklet provides information to survivors of homicide victims about homicide, the legal/court system related to homicide, and community resources available to survivors. Though this booklet was designed for those in the Charleston and tri-county area, much of the information can be helpful those in other cities, and serve as a model for communities who wish to design a similar booklet.
  • Rape in America:  A Report to the Nation    (April 1992)
    This report summarizes the findings from the National Women's Study (NWS), a large epidemiological research project conducted by the NCVC and funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) that investigated the occurrence and characteristics of forcible rape experiences occurring any time in a woman’s lifetime.
  • Rape in the 50 States (2003)
    Using the results from the National Women's Study (NWS) and the National Violence Against Women Study (NVAWS), researchers carefully estimated the prevalence of rape in each of the 50 states.

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