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Psychology Training Faculty

Faculty are involved in many areas on the local, state, and national level that are not an official part of the internship per se, but that provide interns with an opportunity to be involved in cutting-edge professional issues. For example, faculty members have served on the state licensing board, on the board of the state Crime Victims Network, MUSC's Faculty Senate, Board member of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS), Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development, Director and Assistant Director of MUSC's Office of Gender Equity, Vice-Chair for Research and Research Administration, President of South Carolina Academy of Professional Psychologists, and President of South Carolina Psychological Association.


Back, Sudie, Ph.D.

Gros, Dan, Ph.D.

Prisciandaro, Jim, Ph.D.

Baddeley, Jenna, Ph.D.

Grubaugh, Anouk, Ph.D.

Quattlebaum, Justin, Ph.D.

Balliet, Wendy, Ph.D.

Hamlin-Smith, Kasey, Ph.D.

Rheingold, Alyssa A., Ph.D.

Best, Connie L., Ph.D.

Hanlon, Colleen, Ph.D.

Rienecke, Renee, Ph.D.

Birks, Anna, Psy, D.

Hanson, Rochelle F., Ph.D.

Ruggiero, Ken, Ph.D.

Borckardt, Jeffrey, Ph.D.

Harbin, James, Ph.D.

Saladin, Michael, Ph.D.

Bottonari, Kathryn, Ph.D.

Heckman, Bryan, Ph.D.

Santa Ana, Elizabeth, Ph.D.

Bradley, Catherine, Ph.D.

Horner, Michael D., Ph.D.

Saunders, Benjamin E., Ph.D.

Bullock, Ashley, Ph.D.

Keller, Stephanie, Ph.D.

Schacht, Joseph, Ph.D.

Carpenter, Laura Arnstein, Ph.D.

Kilpatrick, Dean G., Ph.D.

Schlenz, Alyssa, Ph.D.

Carpenter, Matthew, Ph.D.

LeVine, Rachel, Ph.D.

Serber, Eva, Ph.D.

Center, Kristy, Ph.D.

Libet, Alice, Q., Ph.D.

Settles, Regan, Ph.D.

Christon, Lillian, Ph.D.

Libet, Julian, Ph.D.

Smith, Daniel W., Ph.D.

Coulon, Sandra, Ph.D.

Lopez, Cristina, Ph.D.

Smith, Joshua, Ph.D.

Danielson, Carla Kmett, Ph.D.

Lozano, Brian, Ph.D.

Stecker, Tracy, Ph.D.

Davidson, Tatiana, Ph.D.

Maurer, Stacey, Ph.D.

Szafranski, Derek, Ph.D.

de Arellano, Michael A., Ph.D.

McTeague, Lisa, Ph.D.

Toll, Benjamin, Ph.D.

Denning, John, Ph.D.

Milanak, Melissa, Ph.D.

Tuerk, Peter, Ph.D.

Dewey, Daniel, Ph.D.

Moreland, Angela, Ph.D.

Turner, Travis, Ph.D.

Flanagan, Julianne, Ph.D.

Murphy, Kerrie, Ph.D.Van Kirk, Kathryn, Ph.D.

Gilmore, Amanda, Ph.D.

O’Neil, Patrick M., Ph.D.Wagner, Mark T., Ph.D.
Goble, Layne, Ph.D.

Petty, Karen, Ph.D.

Wangelin, Bethany, Ph.D.
Gottfried, Emily, Ph.D.


Wedin, Sharlene, Psy.D.


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