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Neuroscience Institute

Neuroscience Colloquium Series

The MUSC Department of Neuroscience offers Colloquium seminars featuring nationally and internationally recognized leaders in the field of Neuroscience Research. 

Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Location: Basic Science Building (BSB) 402.

Spring 2017 Schedule will be updated soon - Please come back!



Seminar Title 


March 3, 2017
Jessica Filosa, PhD
Augusta University
 Prakash Kara, PhD
March 24, 2017Kamil Ugurbil, PhD
University of Minnesota
 Thomas Naselaris, PhD

March 31, 2017   

Robert Malenka, MD, PhD
Stanford University School of Medicine

Neural mechanisms of social reward

Peter Kalivas, PhD
April 21, 2017Eric Klann
New York University
 Christopher Cowan, PhD
April 28, 2017Catharine Winstanley, PhD
University of British Columbia
Jacqueline Barker, PhD
Judson Chandler, PhD
May 5, 2017Greg Gerhardt, PhD
University of Kentucky
 Heather Boger, PhD
May 12, 2017Jaime Grutzendler, MD
Yale School of Medicine
In vivo optical interrogation of neurovascular function and pathology
Andy Shih, PhD

Contact Information

Administrative Coordinator:

Chair of the Colloquium Series:

Susan McLintock
Dr. Prakash Kara

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