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Center on Aging


The Center on Aging is a research, service, and education center at the Medical University of South Carolina. The center was approved by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education December 3, 1987, giving it the status of the oldest research center at the University. Dr. Lotta Granholm has served as Director of the Center on Aging since July 1, 2001. 

Research funding on age-related topics at MUSC has increased 10-fold during the last 14 years, and NIH funding has remained stable during the last 4 years, despite the reduced funding level at the National Institutes on Aging (NIA). Over the last 15 years, more than 40 faculty members in the field of age-related research and clinical treatment have been hired by MUSC, increasing presence here in the areas of Stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Movement Disorders, and Geriatrics.  

It is our goal to continue to promote aging research, community outreach, and education throughout MUSC and the state.










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