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Center on Aging

Director's Message

Dr. Heather Boger, Center on Aging Director

Welcome to the Center on Aging!  The Center has three specific missions; education, research and service with an interprofessional focus. Within these three missions, our immediate goals include:


  • Create Interprofessional Symposium on Aging
  • Create Interprofessional opportunities between all colleges
  • Write grants to promote age-related education, including electronic data entry for Senior Mentor Program for accuracy and tracking
  • Work with local organizations for volunteer opportunities for students interested in aging


  • Build MUSC Aging Network
  • Establish Interdisciplinary Research Teams/Grants
  • Develop Center/Program Project Grants (multi-PI)
  • Junior PI career development opportunities in aging
  • Develop extramural research/funding opportunities
  • Facilitate mid-career PI “retooling”


  • Community Aging Symposiums
  • Conduct educational workshops/outreach on healthy aging
  • Create a centralized database for community use, to include clinical information, research opportunities, aging research at MUSC
  • Write grants to expand community outreach
  • Speaker list for community programs

Thank you for your support and please contact us if we can help you or your organization with anything related to these areas!

Warm regards, 
Dr. Heather Boger


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