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Center on Aging

Bhat Lab

Narayan R. Bhat, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Neurosciences

Office: 843-792-7593

Research Interests:

The current research efforts in our lab focus on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration with a particular emphasis on glia-mediated neuroinflammation, a pathogenic process and a potential treatment target, common to a number of degenerative diseases/conditions including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke and brain injury.

Another long-standing interest of ours has been in signal transduction mechanisms regulating the development, differentiation and death of oligodendrocytes - a specialized glial cell type that is responsible for the formation and maintenance of CNS myelin and a target of immune attack in MS.

Specific projects utilize primary cell culture and animal models (i.e., transgenic / knockout and induced) in combination with current cell biological, biochemical and molecular tools and techniques.

In the News:

Diet link to Alzheimers deepens

Link Between High Cholesterol and Alzheimers Discovered

Active Grants:

"Neuroinflammation in Cholesterol-Induced AD Pathogenesis "
National Institutes of Health (NS051575)
PI: Bhat, NR
Sub-project: "Neuro-inflammation and the Aging Dopaminergic System"/PI: Bhat, NR
2006-2010 [direct cost: $202,500/yr]

"Dual-Hit Hypothesis of Aging-Related DA Dysfunction"
NIH/NIA Program Project Grant (P01 AG 023630 01A2)
PI: Lotta Granholm
Sub-project: "Neuro-inflammation and the Aging Dopaminergic System"/PI: Bhat, NR
2005-2008 [direct cost: $85,715/yr]

"MAP Kinases in Oligodendrocyte Cell Signaling"
National Institutes of Health (NS41396)
PI: Bhat, NR
2002-2007 (no cost extension) [direct cost, $166,500/yr]



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