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The Cellular Regulation of Dopamine-Dependent Behaviors


Postdoctoral Position Available--2PLSM

We are searching for a highly motivated candidate interested in two-photon laser-scanning microscopy and calcium-imaging in rodent brain slices. The candidate will use both traditional Ca2+ indicators and genetically encoded Ca2+ indicators in combination with translational models of disease such as addiction. The preferred candidate has experience from in vitro imaging, but lack of such experience may be compensated for by experience from in vitro patch clamp electrophysiology. Knowledge on cellular signaling and models of addiction is an advantage. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Details about the position are posted below.

Neurophysiology & Neuroimaging Laboratory, Medical University of South Carolina 

NIH funded project examining addiction with a focus on stress and cues. Develop your research profile under the guidance of experts in their field. This is a Full-time fixed term 2 year appointment with opportunities for renewal.

MUSC Department of Neurosciences in Charleston SC brings together a large group of expert neuropharmacological researchers and a range of laboratory facilities to create outstanding opportunities for research in the neurosciences of addiction. We are seeking to appoint a suitably qualified and highly-motivated Postdoctoral Research Associate who wishes to gain specific experience in electrophysiological recording in brain slices together with two photon microscopy imaging to determine mechanisms responsible for relapse to drug seeking. You will perform combined electrophysiological and two-photon imaging research focused on GPCRs, the function of inhibitory ion channels and calcium release from intracellular stores in brain slices from rats and mice. This quantitative strategy will be coupled with optogenetics and operant training behavioral paradigms including self-administration to determine cellular adaptations in neuronal circuitry.

Successful candidates will have:

  • Ph.D. in biological or medical sciences

  • Experience in designing and performing complex pharmacological and intracellular signal transduction experiments

  • Demonstrated laboratory skills in patch clamp analyses of cellular electrophysiology in isolated neurons and cultured cells, or brain slices

  • Experience in either confocal or two-photon microscopy in living cells (desirable)

  • Ability to work as a part of a team and strategically contribute to research outcomes, including a demonstrated willingness to liaise with a range of senior scientists and other postgraduate research students.

This role presents an opportunity to further develop your research career in neuropharmacology in a team led by experts in their field.

How to apply:

Email a detailed CV, statement of research interests and references to:

Arthur Riegel 
Assistant Professor 
Department of Neurosciences
Medical University of Neurosciences
Charleston SC 29407 



Postdoctoral Fellow Position Available

The Riegel lab is seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow for a NIH funded, multidisciplinary project studying mesolimbic circuitry during stress and addiction. The project integrates a translationally relevant animal model with the viral expression of synthetic receptors (DREADDs) to investigate CRF and its role in the detection of drug-related cues. Candidates will interact within an interdisciplinary group of physiologists, pharmacologists and molecular biologists. An expertise in behavioral techniques and a demonstrated productivity in Neuroscience or a related discipline is required. Candidates should possess strong organizational and communication skills, and ideally a background in the functional characterization of proteins, recombinant gene technology and confocal microscopy. 

Please send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, statement of research interests and the names, telephone numbers, and email addresses of three references to:

Arthur Riegel, Ph.D., Department of Neurosciences.


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