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Department of Neurology

General Neurology Division

Our General Neurology program consists of highly trained Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers with a passion for Neurology, patient care and teaching. Providers evaluate, diagnose and treat adults with a broad spectrum of neurological conditions. The General Neurology Divisions is comprised of the Multiple sclerosis program, Headache clinic, Neurohospitalist Program, and Neuro-Ophthamology

The division also has teaching and training interest and moves forward the ideas of improved medical care  through example and practice. Residents and Students of various levels of experience and interest in Neurology will participate with the healthcare team, through direct and indirect interaction with the patients.


Multiple Sclerosis Program

 Faculty-Dr. Aljoeson Walker and Brittany Lueking, PA-C, MS, PAS

The Multiple Sclerosis Program at MUSC Health treats patients who have been diagnosed with MS - an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system. Patients receive comprehensive diagnostics and planning from neurologists, neuro-ophthalmologists, neuropsychologists, neuro-nurses, therapists and support staff. Our goal is to help patients reach maximum independence through medication and rehabilitative treatments. A multidisciplinary team helps patients manage symptoms, which can include vision problems, muscle weakness, difficulty with coordination, and loss of sensation, concentration and memory problems. We have worked with a number of individuals to help develop MS therapies to improve the quality of life for all MS patients.


 Migraine, Headache, Pseudotumor Cerebri and Other Forms of Head Pain

Faculty- Aljoeson Walker, MD, Mimi Sohn, MD and Brittany Lueking, PA-C, MS, PAS

This intensive program is geared for  headache and migraine patients, whose conditions are complicated or unresponsive to usual care.   This includes care to patients with pseudotumor cerebri, a headache secondary to increased intracranial pressure. Because refractory headache can affect– and be affected by – so many life factors, our clinic draws on the unique talents of specialists from  neurology,  neuropsychology, OB/GYN,psychiatry, weight management, drug and alcohol management, neuroradiology, neuro-ophthalmology, pain management and other fields. We have access to modern techniques related to headache management including Botox, plastic surgery, and a variety of other treatment options.


 Neurohospitalist Program

Faculty- Sujai “Ron” Nath, MD and Robert Wildman, M.D.
The Neurohospitalist Program is an innovative service for patients who require hospital-based treatment for complex neurological disorders. Patients and their families benefit from improved continuity of care, and seamless transition to outpatient practice following discharge. Our neurohospitalists each run their own outpatient discharge clinics requiring follow-up care with our team. For more specialized care, our team will refer patients to   one of our divisions specializing in Epilepsy, Movement Disorders, Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, General Neurology, Neuromuscular, or Stroke upon discharge. The Neurohospitalist Program improves efficiency and quality of care. Our patients   are treated by experts in inpatient neurologic care, and have access to the most cutting-edge technology and facilities available at MUSC Health.



Faculty- Aljoeson Walker, MD

Patients who present with unexplained vision loss, double vision or disturbance and ocular pain will be seen by Neuro- Ophthalmology. The ophthalmic specialist will take a detailed history and extensive examination to develop a reasonable diagnostic plan and treatment options. Ophthalmology and Neurology's combined experience create continuity of care for our patients with combined but related medical issues.


Our Team

Dr. Walker

Aljoeson Walker, M.D.
Director, General Neurology Division; Director, Multiple Sclerosis Program; Neuro- Ophthalmology; Comprehensive Headache Consultation


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Brittany Lueking, PA-C, MS, PAS

Specializes in Headache and Multiple Sclerosis


Sujai Nath, M.D., MS






Sujai "Ron" Nath, M.D.

Assistant Director, General Neurology Division; Director, Neurohospitalist Program; Director, TeleHealth Ushered Neurological Encounters (TUNE) Program



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Robert Wildman, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Neurohospitalist Program


Dr. Sohn






Mimi Sohn, M.D.

Director, Botox for Migraines Clinic




Administrative Assistants:

Dondra Rodd: Drs. Walker, Sohn, and Ms. Brittany Lueking

Tracy Bonamo: Dr. Nath, Residents


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