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Department of Neurology

Resident Research Reunion Day 2014

Over the last several years The Department of Neurosciences has organized an annual "Neurosciences Resident Research Day". It is an initiative to promote academic research among the residents and faculty. The residents and fellows of Neurology and Neurosurgery participate by presenting research projects. Faculty experts from the divisions of neurosurgery, neurology and basic neurosciences judge these presentations and award the participants.

In 2013 Neurosciences Resident Research Day expanded to included a neurology alumni, creating the new event "Resident Research Reunion Day".  This is an opportunity for the department to reunite alumni with current faculty and residents from the Department of Neurosciences for a day of presentations, food and fun.  This year will feature a special guest as the  recipient of the annual Robert J. Adams Visiting Professorship

When: May 21, 2015

Contact: For more information please contact Janis Adams by email at or phone at 843-792-3224. 

Photos from May 22, 2014

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R3 presentations R3 presentations R3 presentations R3 presentations

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Award Winners: May 22, 2014

  • Libby Kosnik Infinger, M.D. - Best Overall Presentation
  • Karen Karwa, M.D. - Best Neurology Presentation
  • Jan Vargas, M.D. - Best Neurosurgery Presentation
  • Nolan Williams, M.D. - Most Promising New Research (Neurology)
  • Avery Buchholz, M.D. - Most Promising New Research (Neurosurgery)
  • Irfan Ali, M.D. - Best Case Report
  • Stephen Lowe, M.D. - Best Presentation by a Junior Resident

Instructions/Guidelines for Residents:

This year interns and fellows are not required to participate, but are certainly welcome to do so.  Please contact Olivia Burch if you plan to present so that a spot can be reserved.

Deadline for Abstract Submission: TBA


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