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Neuroscience Institute


The Neuroscience Institute would like to announce the 2018 poster winners of the 19th Annual Frontiers in Neuroscience Research Day:

First Prize - $300
Anna Kruyer, PhD - Transient plasticity of perisynaptic astrocyte processes during reinstated heroin seeking

Second Prize - $200
Harold (JR) Haun - Dynorphin/KOR activity within the centeral anygdala and BNST moldulates stress-enhanced ethanol consumption in mice with a histroy of dependence

Third Prize - $100
Adam Harrington, PhD - Social deficits in a mouse model of Mef2c haploinsuffiency syndrome

Please join us in congratulating these winners!


The Neuroscience Institute (NI) of MUSC is a center of neuroscience research, education, and treatment that facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration among basic and clinical neuroscientists. It is not housed in a single department, but rather is a university-wide institute with the aim of supporting neuroscience research in any department or college of MUSC. The primary focus of the NI is to promote translational research to bridge the gap between the basic sciences and clinical sciences. It brings together the minds necessary to treat and cure neurodegenerative, neuropsychiatric, addiction, and sleep disorders and provides many of the resources needed to achieve these goals. Today, scientists at the NI focus on cognitive neuroscience, neurodegenerative disease, addiction, pain, mood, and sleep disorders research, to name a few areas. The Neuroscience Institute also emphasizes development, education, and outreach.

Dr. Jacqueline McGinty

Jacqueline F. McGinty, Ph.D.
Director of the Neuroscience Institute at MUSC

Susan Mclintock

Susan Mclintock


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