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PhD and MS in Neurosciences


Ph.D. in Neurosciences: Course Overviews

The number of semester hours is designated by s.h.

Biostatistics Methods 1 (CGS 700)

Fundamentals of Neuroscience (NSCS 730) 8 s.h., Spring.
This course is the first component of the neuroscience graduate core curriculum. It is designed to provide an overview of the fundamental concepts in the field of neuroscience. This course covers the anatomy of the nervous system, the electrical properties of neurons, synaptic transmission, as well as an overview of sensory and motor systems. The class is primarily taught in lecture format but also includes a human brain dissection laboratory. A background in basic biology or permission of the instructor is required.
Course directors: Aston-Jones, Chandler, Kalivas, Kindy, Sambamurti, Woodward

Clinical/Systems Neuroscience (NSCS 735)5 s.h. Fall.
This course is the second component of the core neuroscience graduate sequence. Building upon the anatomy and physiology covered in Fundamentals of Neuroscience, this course covers the development and plasticity of the nervous system, higher brain functions such as memory and language, and clinical neuroscience. The class is taught in lecture format. A background in basic biology or permission of the instructor is required.
Course Directors: Banik, Granholm, Holden, McGinty, See

Neuroscience Electives, 2.5 s.h. each. Spring
Neuroscience is a rapidly expanding and evolving field and it is impossible to capture this breadth within our core curriculum. In order to provide students with a greater diversity of course options, the department offers a series of half-semester elective courses during each spring semester. Two different courses are offered concurrently during each half of the semester for a total of four elective courses per spring semester. Each elective class is offered on a biennial basis. Students are required to attend four of these electives during the course of their graduate training. Classes consist of some combination of formal lectures and journal discussions, at the discretion of the course director. Click here for a current listing of neuroscience electives.

Advanced Topics in Physiology/Neuroscience (NSCS 775) 1-5 s.h.
Neuroscience faculty mentor selected students in a research experience. Topics are those of current interest in the discipline. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor. 1-5 s.h. All. Faculty

Departmental Seminars/Journal Club (NSCS 780) 2 s.h.
All students in the Neuroscience graduate program participate in this course which involves seminars by invited outside speakers, MUSC faculty, postdoctoral fellows, as well as students. Journal Club focuses on current cutting-edge research in different neuroscience fields.

Research (NSCS-970) Variable s.h.

Thesis (NSCS-980) Variable s.h.

Dissertation (NSCS-990) Variable s.h.


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