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Neuroscience Institute

Poster Printing

Guidelines and Instructions

For additional info email: Susan McLintock and Erin Stehmeyer

Note: Be sure to email both in case one is out of the office.

Phone: 843-792-2392 or 843-792-8557.

The Neuroscience Institute is happy to print 42 or 36 inch high posters by following the instructions. Finished posters may be picked up at BSB.403.

Quick Instructions:

- Give the operator advanced notice (24 to 48 hours) for a printing job
- Print your poster on a local printer to check for accuracy
- Click "Submit Poster" button below, fill out the form, upload poster file and submit

- Once you hear from the operator that the poster has been printed you may pick up your poster at BSB 403

For more detailed instructions on Formatting, Submission, Cost and Printing read below.

Click here to Submit a Poster

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Detailed Instructions

Make sure you have read and followed the guidelines below:


  • File formats supported for posters: Power Point (2007) or PDF. If you are saving your file on a Mac and have the option, please select the check box for PC.  A PC will be used to print the poster.
  • All posters and images within the poster should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch)  This is to ensure the quality of the poster when printed.
  • Keep your file under 9 MB.
  • Avoid dark (black, dark blue, dark green, etc), solid backgrounds.
  • Files should be uploaded when filling out the submission form.  Please do not email poster files.  Please see submission information.
  • Poster height (or width) can be 36 or 42 inches.  Please specify the height (or width) of your poster when you submit (the other dimension can be any size). 


  • Posters are on a first come, first serve basis. Although printing is not guaranteed in a specified amount of time, 24 to 48 hours' notice* is typically sufficient.
    *During events more time may be necessary to complete printing requests. Contact the operator if you have questions.
  • Check your poster for mistakes*, and send only your finalized document.  Reprints are charged the same fee as the original. 
    *It may be easier to check for mistakes if you print out a small version of your poster on a local printer.
  • Name your poster file with something distinctive such as the contact's last name and a short version of the poster title.  i.e.. smith_disease_therapies_multiple_sclerosis.pdf
  • Please submit your poster by clicking on the submit link at the bottom of the page. Fill out the form, upload file and submitDo not send your file through email.
  • Once you have heard from the operator that the poster has been printed, it may be picked up at BSB 403.


  • Our policy is $60 for posters printed on 36" paper, and $75 for posters printed on 42" paper.


The printing time has three variables: Operator Availability, Processing, and Printing.

  • Operator Availability: The operator's time is limited.  Often the operator is taking time out of their regularly scheduled job duties to print posters.  Although the operator works 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. keep in mind that only a small percentage of that time is dedicated to printing posters. Give 24 to 48 hours' notice to book a job (more during large conferences where many posters are to be printed).
  • Processing: This time varies greatly depending on the file size and graphics. Try to keep submitted poster files smaller than 9 MB.
  • Printing: Printing time is dependant upon height, length and color of the poster. Typically it takes about 20 minutes, large files take longer.

Click here to Submit a Poster

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