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Medical Students Neurosciences Program

Medical Students Program

Medical Student Syllabus

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Medical Students Program Descriptions

Year I Neuroscience
Basic neurosciences education is presented in the new curriculum throughout the entire academic year.

Year II Neuroscience
Clinical neurosciences topics are presented throughout the Year II curriculum, especially when clinical-pathological correlations are discussed or lectures presented.
Medical Students at MUSC

Year III Neuroscience

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The 3 week neuroscience rotations are designed to build competence and proficiency in the technique of medical/neurological history and physical examinations, especially emphasizing the integration of these skills in assessment of neurologic function. The students can select either a MUH Neurology in-patient service, Pediatric Neurology, MUH Neurology Consultation, or MUH Neurosurgical service. Instructional methods include inpatient evaluation, conferences, and/or active participation in ambulatory outpatient clinics.

Year IV Neuroscience

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medical student with patientThe Department of Neurosciences offers a diverse array of opportunities for the 4th year student to further his/her interest in Neuroscience subspecialties. These clerkships are a valuable opportunity for both visiting students and MUSC 4th year students who may be exploring Neurology, Neurosurgery, Pediatric Neurology, or Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as a career. These clerkships allow more active participation in the evaluation and care of patients with neurologic disorders. Examples of one-month clerkships include Neuro-Intensive Care, Clinical Epilepsy, Stroke, Behavioral Neurology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as rotations in Pediatric Neurology, Adult Neurology, or Neurosurgical services (Pediatric, Adult, Spine).

Other Neurology subspecialties are available if interested, and are arranged by contacting Caroline Diez by phone at 843-876-5053 or email at

Student Interest Group in Neurology

Also, the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) sponsors SIGN (Student Interest Group in Neurology) at MUSC, which provides a way for students to:

  • Learn about diverse practice opportunities in Neurology, and its subspecialties such as neuro-intensive care, neuro-opthamology, stroke, behavioral neurology, pediatric neurology, neurogenetics, or epilepsy research.
  • Obtain free student membership in the American Academy of Neurology.
  • Be matched with a neurologist as a preceptor or mentor.
  • Compete for summer research scholarships sponsored by the AAN.

For more information on this program, please contact Caroline Diez by phone at 843-876-5053 or email at

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