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MUSC Neurology

Pediatric Neurology Residency Program

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do you take International Medical Graduates in your program? Yes; however, International Medical Graduates must have at least one year of clinical experience in the United States through observerships or externships.  They must also have an appropriate visa and be certified through the ECFMG.

2.  Do you sponsor visas?  If yes, which types? Yes, we sponsor J1 visas.  Unfortunately, we are not able to sponsor other visa types.

3.  Is there a particular format for the Letters of Recommendation and/or Personal Statement?  No.

4.  Are there any special instructions for applying to this program? 
No, except that all applications for the PGY1 (categorical) position must be submitted through ERAS.  Applicants for this position need only submit a single ERAS application and NRMP match list (i.e., it is not necessary to submit a separate application for the Pediatrics portion of the training).  Individuals who are interested in the off-cycle (PGY4 and PGY5) positions should contact the program coordinator directly.

5.  How many positions do you have annually? We currently have one PGY1 (categorical position) and two off-cycle (PGY4 and PGY5) positions.  Applicants for the PGY4 and PGY5 positions must have already completed the prerequisite training in Pediatrics and Neurology to be eligible for the positions.

6.  Do you offer observerships? Unfortunately, we do not.

7.  Does your program guarantee a position for the Pediatrics portion of the training?
Yes, our program is formally integrated with the Medical University of South Carolina Pediatrics residency program.  Candidates who apply to the PGY1 (categorical) position are applying for two years of Pediatrics training followed by three years of Pediatric Neurology training. 

8.  What matching program do you use? We participate in the National Residency Match Program Main Match.

9.  Can I submit materials directly to the program? No, please submit all material through ERAS.

10.  When and how will you notify candidates about interviews? 
Once an application has been accepted, it will be reviewed.  Candidates who are selected for interviews will be contacted, primarily via e-mail. Notifications will occur on a rolling basis through December 15, 2014.


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