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Neurosurgery Residency Program

Conference Schedules

All Conferences are mandatory for all Residents, unless on Night Float.  The only exception to that rule are the epilepsy conference (only the PGY1 must attend, which on the EEG/Epilepsy rotation).
Residents and Faculty are expected to sign-in and maintain an attendance average of at least 75% attendence.

Refractory Epilepsy Conference, Weekly, Monday, 10 AM

Epilepsy patients evaluated at the Center and their treatment plans are discussed by the multidisciplinary team , with an emphasis on surgery. Conference is overseen by the Neurology epilepsy faculty.  Residents and faculty are welcome, but not required to attend.  (Again, when the PGY1 resident is on the EEG/Epilepsy rotation attendance is required.)

Neurosurgery conference (M & M, Case Presentation, and Topic Presentation), Weekly, Thursday, 8 AM

These are organized such that it allows for an open discussion of cases, resident presentations of patient, faculty participate with questioning and open discussions. Case summaries for M&M are the responsibility of the senior most resident at each hospital. This responsibility applies even for the June M&M conference; the new chief residents are responsible for gathering this information from outgoing chiefs when the responsibility for the service is transferred. The other residents on the service are expected to help facilitate this. Case summaries should be submitted to the chief resident designated to run monthly M&M. The chief resident who is coordinating M&M will then meet with Program Director to designate specific cases for further discussion. The chief resident will notify the senior-most resident the specific cases that were selected. The senior-most resident is responsible for gathering all relevant radiological images from these cases for presentation on the computer system at the actual M&M conference.

CV Conference (M & M and Case Presentation), Weekly, Thursday, 10 AM

Cases from the Neurosurgical Service are presented by the residents and discussed with the faculty. Practical teaching conference reviewing principles of neurovascular surgery including imaging, anatomy, physiology, and operative and endovascular considerations. All residents required to attend.

Tumor Board, Weekly, Thursday, 1 PM

Multi-disciplinary conference reviewing clinical presentation, imaging, operative findings, and pathology for pediatric brain and spine nerve tumor cases. Clinical options are discussed and decisions are made regarding clinical care. All residents are required to attend.

Journal Club, Monthly, First Thursday Morning each Month, 8 AM

Journal Club articles will be chosen by the designated chief resident and the presenters and distributed electronically to all faculty and residents at least 2 weeks prior to the conference. Residents are encouraged to discuss article choices with faculty before finalizing their decisions. We have 100% participation since reorganization by the residents.

Visiting Professorship, Lecture and Workshop, Annually Held, TBD

This multiple-day endowed workshop includes a lecture and hands-on didactic surgical workshop presented by a visiting professor of international renown. Residents are required to attend.

Peripheral Nerve Review, Monthly, Thursday, TBD

Peripheral Nerve Review conference review highlights and new insights into indications and guidance during procedures for continuous peripheral nerve blocks.  These continuous reviews of peripheral nerve blocks are essential in the perioperative anesthetic management of in-hospital or ambulatory patients.


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