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Neurosurgery Residency Program

Operative Statistics

The operative experience at MUSC Neurosurgery Residency Program includes all the major sub-specialties of neurosurgery- tumor surgery, cerebrovascular surgery, pediatric neurosurgery, functional neurosurgery, stereotactic neurosurgery, peripheral nerve, and spine surgery. Annually, we perform more than 9,000 cases, including around 1,500 cases in our endovascular suite.  In addition, we perform approximately 135 peripheral nerve cases every year.  Since acquiring the Perfexion gamma knife in 2010 we perform, on average, around 200 cases annually.

MUSC Neurosurgical Case Data 2013-2014

Neurosurgical case data

Spine and Other Cranial include trauma cases.

Critical Care/Minor Procedures 2013-2014

critical care data

Spine Cases 2013-2014

Spine Cases


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