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Taking the Long View

Dr. Alam meets with Hailey and Nico Tanner

MUSC Health welcomes new pediatric urologist 

Dr. Alam looks beyond patients' 18th birthdays to consider how they can thrive in decades to come.     

Bridge Run Legend

Julian Smith

'Father of the Bridge Run' faces adversity head-on 

Diagnosed with glioblastoma, Julian Smith creates a fund for cancer research. 

Close Call

Douglas Cox

He was technically dead for six minutes

He awakened to learn a newly-approved procedure would help his heart pump.


Stories Around Campus

Sugar Rush 

candy spilling out of a bowl

The best and worst Halloween candy from a dentist's perspective.  

Aortic Aneurysms

Female surgical residents

MUSC Health patient becomes first in state to be treated with new flexible stent. 

Meeting Needs

Ronald McDonald House in Charleston

As MUSC Children's Health expands, so too must charities that support its work.  

Risk Assessment 

a group of mullet

Fish from Charleston-area waterways studied for presence of pollutants.  

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