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Light Bulb Moment

Clemson students

MUSC surgeon, Clemson students join forces 

A breast cancer specialist reaches across campus boundaries to make her award-winning idea for improving patient care a reality.

Important Steps  

people walking

Thinking outside the pillbox pays off for patients

A new study shows that stroke patients who do the right kind of exercise can lower their risk of a recurrence. 

Telehealth Star   

Allie Martin

Little girl's exam brings importance of telehealth to life  

A live demonstration wows a lawmaker and shows how telehealth can make miles disappear when it comes to medical exams.


Stories Around Campus

Ending Addiction  

Allie Martin

A tobacco control specialist targets the entry and exit gates of tobacco addiction.

Autism Study   

Dr. Richard Silver

A large, innovative project sparks optimism about the chance for better treatments for autism spectrum disorders. 

Project Quit

Read about Project Quit, a program that helps smokers kick the habit

This team is conducting a half-dozen research studies aimed at people who want to stop smoking and smokers who aren't quite ready to quit.

Narcolepsy Research 

 Bingyu Zou, from left, and Emmaline Bendell join Dr. Meng Liu

Researchers target narcolepsy triggers as they work toward a cure for sleep disorders.

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