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Finding a Way

Dr. DuBois

Weak heart no match for strong love 

On the eve of major surgery, Henry Cooper takes time to wed his bride while in the hospital.

Match Day  

Match Day

Students enter alternate universe to celebrate big day

It's an emotional rite of passage, and these students did it in style. 

Military Match   

Jameaka Hamilton

Med students in military have own route to residency  

Jameaka Hamilton's residency match came early, and her fingers were crossed.


Stories Around Campus

Sickle Cell Disease  

Dr. DuBois, Katie Couric

A new gene therapy is bringing new hope to sickle cell patients such as Javonte Scott.

Antibiotic Use   

Dr. Kristi Helke

A study on antibiotics and salmonella shows the need for more farm-to-fork research. 

Amazing Women

Vera Brown

This phlebotomist has gone from secretary to supervisor, showing poise and compassion along the way.

Generous Giver 

Gail Mungin and friend

Environmental Services employee Gail Mungin, left, goes out of her way to make people feel happier and healthier.

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