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Getting Answers

Tammy Thompson

A blood test led to surprising news for her family 

Years of nagging health problems were finally explained.  

Florence Follow-Up

Dr. Cole

Tallying up Florence’s impact on MUSC Health 

While Mother Nature gave most of the Lowcountry a break in terms of strong wind and rain, the storm was felt in other ways. 


Dr. Rosaura Orengo-Aguayo

Year since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico gives psychologist crash course in disaster care

For Rosaura Orengo-Aguayo, the storm’s impact is both deeply personal and professional.


Stories Around Campus

Skyrocketing STDs

CHP students at the beach

Doctors urge sexually active young people to be tested since syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia cases have hit all-time highs. 

Tomorrow's Surgeons

Female surgical residents

Surgical residents share the hopes and expectations of being black, female and physicians. 

Vision for Life

girl with patch on eye getting eye exam

Vision screening should start well before school age to catch problems. 

Tri-County Survey

rainbow flag

LGBTQ survey goes beyond sex to assess true state of community, MUSC student says. 

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