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Consensus Statement

hand washing

Scientists: Be wary of antimicrobials 

They say two in particular may affect reproductive health, allergies and the environment.

Nature's Cures  

Golden sponge

Mother Nature may really know best in some cases

Researchers explore whether cancer cures may be living on the seafloor. 

Gut Check 

Dr. Bei Liu

Researchers pinpoint molecule that helps ensure healthy gut

Their findings could mean new treatments for millions with inflammatory bowel disease.


Stories Around Campus

Butterfly Child  


A girl with a rare skin condition gets help from a specialist.

Patient Perspective 

PFC members with construction crew

Patients and families get a firsthand look at the hospital they're helping build. 

Success Story

Neizel Songalia

A charismatic student leader born in the Philippines becomes a role model at MUSC.

Dedicated Doctor 

Dr. Conyers O'Bryan Jr., wife, Jennie, son, Edward; and Edward's wife, Claire O'Bryan.

A board member and friend of MUSC is being remembered for his service.

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