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Skull Surgery Follow Up

Rhett Bausmith

Toddler charms doctors who treated birth defect 

Rhett Bausmith's parents want other moms and dads to learn from their experience with early intervention, including 3-D skulls and bioprinting.

Cardiac Arrest  

Donnie and Levi Yavelak

Young dad survives cardiac arrest to find a surprise

Donnie Yavelak was about to go to into an obstetrician's office with his wife when his heart stopped working. 

Carpal Tunnel Care   

Martha Lou Gadsden, Dr. Kyle Kokko

Specialist helps restaurant owner regain mojo  

Martha Lou Gadsden suffered from a common chef's malady: arm and hand pain. Dr. Kyle Kokko had the recipe she needed for relief.


Stories Around Campus

Train in Maine  

ocular oncology

Men and women travel from Charleston to chilly Maine to learn a skill that they will put to very good use.



Is e-meditation the wave of the future — a faster, easier way to meditate?

Black History Month

A former White House adviser asks, 'Are we worthy of our children?'


This researcher is using social networking and artificial intelligence to fight cancer.

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